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Pain Relief
Voveran SR
Active ingredient: Diclofenak

Voveran SR is the special formulation of Voveran, developed for the suspended release of its active ingredients and, consequently, a prolonged period of action. Apart from this feature, it has no notable characteristics differentiating it from the original medicine – an analgesic that provides satisfying results in the treatment of moderate pain syndromes. It helps with a wide range of painful conditions allowing patients to stop the pain before it grows stronger or control it in case of chronic joint diseases. In general, the new form provides better results in particular in the treatment of prolonged pain.

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Voveran SR 100mg
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Product description

Voveran SR is a neoteric medication with a prominent antipyretic effect used in the modern therapeutic strategy as a high-priority solution for diverse painful conditions and inflammations. It provides its effect by suppressing both the synthesis and release of certain chemical compounds, which trigger the chain of reactions between complementary intermediates leading to the inflammatory process. This specific mechanism makes the drug very useful in the therapy of chronic inflammations.

This is a non-steroidal agent, which expands the boundaries of its use in numerous age groups and patients requiring therapeutic agents with a mild action. Thanks to its faster absorption rate as contrasted with the analgesics of a similar composition, the drug prove itself especially useful in the therapy of osteoarthritic inflammations.

How to take

The drug is issued in the shape of oral pills that comprise 75 mg or 10 mg of diclofenac. Additionally, the injections are also available on the market; nevertheless, the pills seem to be more popular because they are considered less stressful to use.

Take your medication as prescribed by your physician. Do not increase the dose or alter the healing regimen or give the pills to other people. The exact dose should be determined based on the severity of your condition, your body mass ratio, and drug-drug interaction.

Your therapist may increase the dose if the initial scheme of healing has no satisfying effect; however, the switchover between dissimilar dosages must be gradual and conducted under the care of your physician.

Safety information

The drug may cause several hazardous conditions, and in view of this, its administration must be conducted with special care. The pills may elevate the risk of heart attack and stimulate the progress of gastrointestinal toxicity. In case of the symptoms that may be connected with one of these conditions, you have to notify your doctor and seek quality medical assistance.

An overdose of the drug is hazardous for your health. Check the correctness of the dose each time before administering it. In case of an exceeded dose, contact the nearest hospital in order to obtain a medical consultation.

The discontinuation of the drug therapy may lead to a series of dangerous consequences. Do not discontinue the pills until your physician suggests finishing the therapy. Inform your doctor about all negative outcomes as well as about all positive ones.

Side effects

Sometimes, using the medication may cause different adverse reactions, including but not limited to diarrhea, skin rash, chest or abdominal pain, dizziness, vomiting, etc. Most of these unfavorable effects may be avoided by adhering to the established regimen of the therapy and following the instructions on correct drug administration.

Drinking alcohol while undertaking the therapy may lead to a serious damage to the organs of your digestive system, as well as tiredness and weakness. By avoiding alcohol during the therapeutic course, you can minimize the probability of such symptoms.

In some cases, the development of unfavorable symptoms at the early stages of condition management may be indicative of the need to visit a doctor to discuss the causes of the patient’s incompatibility.

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