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Himcolin is a gel that improves the flow of blood to the penis, which strengthens and supports the erection due to its muscle relaxant qualities. The anti-inflammatory property of the drug has a calming effect on the penis when applied topically. Natural ingredients in Himcolin have powerful antioxidant properties that control and prevent local oxidative damage. This effect corrects violations in the cavernous areas (spongy microcavities around the penis in which most of the blood formation occurs during erection) and is effective in erectile dysfunction treatment.

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Himcolin 30gm
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Product Description

Himcolin is an enhancer of sexual desire. It prolongs a sex act and postpones the time of ejaculation. The drug is produced in the form of cream or gel which contains natural components as various oils made of Celastrus paniculatus, Pheretima posthuma, Squalus carcharias, Vitex negundo, and a number of others. There are adjuvants as ceresin wax, soft yellow paraffin, beeswax, rose and musk odorants, methyl and propyl ethers. The cream can be yellow or light orange.

The penis erects because the drugs fill cavernous bodies of the penis with blood. Thanks to that, men’s genitals become hard and stable. Patients use the cream to cope with various sexual disorders. It deals with premature ejaculation, unstable erection, impotence, and lack of sensitivity.

A user can experience the following benefits of the cream:

  • the improvement of erection and microcirculation
  • the stimulation of afferent nerve endings
  • the prolongation of sexual intercourse

Many men use it when they have menopause. Men lack sensitivity, sexual activity, and long-lasting erection during this period of life. The drug helps to bring sexual life to the norm safely because it produces a few side reactions. The drug can be used even by men who are over 60. Some patients noticed that the drug produces a soothing and moisturizing effect on the penis. Due to that, an erection occurs naturally and a man gets more pleasure.

Safety Information

A person should be informed about possible precautions. According to medical tests and interview with men who used the cream, the drug is well-tolerated. The drug can be used by males only. The drug is not to be used if a man has hypersensitivity to it or allergic reaction. Medics warn their patients not to rub the cream into a scrotum, glans penis, and mucous membranes.

It’s a topical medicine that is to be rubbed in the penis and mons pubis. It’s to be taken once or twice a day during 60-120 seconds. A man should massage it gently in the skin of the penis. It’s not to be washed off immediately after the use. The treatment usually lasts approximately 30 days.

The drug is to be taken one hour before the sex act because it’s enough for the cream to be absorbed. If there are some remains, they are to be wiped away with a napkin.

The drug may be not effective if impotence is the result of injuries or diseases.

Side Effects

The cream is almost safe because it has only natural ingredients. Still, the drug may affect a person and cause some insignificant negative influence. The skin can locally become red and irritated after the drug intake. A man can also have dryness and burning feeling. When it happens a man is to stop the usage and to rub some other cream that can reduce the irritation. There is no information about other negative reactions.

It’s important to warn a partner about the usage of the cream. A woman can also experience itch and allergy. In that case, a man should replace the cream with some other medicine.

The drug mustn’t be used in case its’ expired. Otherwise, there can be severe side effects as hallucination, agitation, the suppression of the immune system, and others.

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